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Rabbi Ahron Green shlit'a

Rav Ahron Green grew up in Eretz Yisrael and studied at some of its finest yeshivos, including Knesses Chizkiyahu and Yeshivas Bais Matisyahu in B’nei Brak.  Rav Ahron integrates various learning approaches including that of the famous Zilberman’s Yeshiva in the Old City of Yerushalayim, where he learned for many years, and that of his illustrious father, Rav Shimon Yerucham Green shlit'a.


For 2.5 years, Rav Ahron was on the team of several Torah Publications.  Specifically, Rav Ahron was a Technical Editor for the well known publishing company, Machon HaMaor.  In this role, Rav Ahron worked on various projects including compiling the various kovetz mefarshim of rishonim and achronim on their Arba’ah Turim Project, completed manuscript and nuschos work on the Sharei Dura on Yoreh Deah, and worked on their Talmud Yerushalmi Project.


In 2009, Rav Ahron moved to New York where he learned in Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem and was an active Board Member & delivered shiurim at the Young Israel of Sunnyside.


He has taught Torah in varying capacities to a diverse group of students and ages, and has worked with teens at risk.  


Rav Ahron is a lifelong talmid and musmach of Rabbi Shimon Green shlit’a, from whom he received Semicha, as well as a close talmid for many years of Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Feivelzon shlit’a. 


Rav Ahron grew up in the Old City of Jerusalem, lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his Rebbetzin, Esther and their 3 adorable boys and a baby girl.  

To Contact the Rabbi:

Rabbi's Study: (347) 418-5798


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